Jotain is expert in exporting steel products.we not only have the great advantages in our product quality/price/resource/service,but also have absolute advantages in our technical aspects.



Jotain has been engaged in the steel products processing and machining for more than ten years. Relying on the highly skilled operators with the state-of-art equipment and facilities, different types of final and semi-final steel structural components and mechanical parts have been processed or machined in accordance with customer’s needs or engineering drawings. In recent years, various types of machinery, such as CNC type of lathe, drilling and milling machines, together with different kind of cutting tools have been equipped and installed in the cooperative works, which provide the guarantee for satisfying with customer’s requirements in precision and quality of products. By one-stop and packaged delivery services, Jotain is willing to provide the customers with the final or semi-final steel structural components and mechanical parts of different specifications and dimensions for the infrastructure construction, shipbuilding, mechanical processing, etc. and it would benefit the customer with reducing costs as well as speeding up the construction and production.